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Bibox "AI Digital Asset Custody" launches new product
2021-04-02 12:36

Dear Biboxers,

Bibox "AI Digital Asset Custody" has launched a new product.The new product details are as follows:

Product name Triones IV
Days 30
Amount 3,000,000
Predicted APY 9%-25%
Min Amount 1000
Subscribe Time April 2-April 9
Start Time 12:00 April 2 (UTC+8)


AI digital asset custody zone has been running smoothly for more than 600 days, and the total value of digital assets under custody exceeds 7,585 BTC, serving 450+ high-net-worth customers, of which the historically highest annualization of products in the Star Adventure Zone is as high as 73.09%. Bibox has always been committed to providing users with high-end digital asset investment advisory services comparable to professional financial institution services.


Thank you for your support to Bibox!




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