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Bibox Investment Launches "Current" Financing Service
2020-12-30 06:17

Dear Biboxers,


Bibox Investment Zone has launched "current" financing products (for trial implementation) on December 30, 2020(GMT+8). Bibox current products include two value-added products: current financing and financial cards. Providing you with value-added services for idle digital assets. Click Bibox "Current" financing to view details!


Current financial products list

Token 7-day APR Interest accrual period (days)
BTC 2.52% permanent
ETH 3.14% permanent
USDT 8.00% permanent


Current financial card list

Current financial card type Token Denomination Current APR Interest period (days)
Exclusive financial card for new users USDT 200 30.00% 7
Old users reward financial card ETH 10 10.00% 20
Lv.User financial card USDT 50000 10.00% 30
Pro. User financial card BTC 5 9.00% 15
BA financial card USDT 10000 12.00% 7
Investment old users ETH 100 9.00% 30

*Bibox will adjust the parameters of current products in a timely manner according to the actual operation of the market and the degree of risk. Including the increase or decrease of tokens, current interest rate, total amount, etc.;

*Bibox will distribute profit reasonably according to the interest collected by the leveraged platform and the rules of current financing.


Claim current profit now!



1.Interest: Annual return = Quota*Annualized Return Rate* interest accrual days/365 days

2.Interest is rounded down to 8 digits. For example, one put 100 BTC in current financing service. In case the annualized rate of return 2.52%, the daily return would be 100BTC*2.52%*1/365=0.00690411BTC while the weekly return would be 0.04832877BTC.

3.The return would be distributed every seven days. You can transfer or withdraw within the period. All assets that have been snapshotted will enjoy the interest and can still be activated when the interest accrual period is up.

4.Current financing service accrued interest on the D+1 date. Users should claim their interest within 24 hours once the accrual period is up. Failing to do so would lead your return to be pooled into investment fund. Once the fund is accumulated to be 10BTC, the amount will be equally distributed to active users in the latest 30 days. The rule applies but not limited to current and fixed financing products.

5.Financial card accrued interest on the D+1 date. Interest would be distributed automatically when the accrual period is up, according to the face value of the card, as well as the return rate. If the interest accrual period does not meet the claim conditions, the interest income will be waived by default. For example, if one cease to be BA users during the interest accrual period, his/her BA users exclusive financing card will be invalid.

6.The same fund cannot enjoy current financing services and financial card benefits at the same time. For example, one holds 7BTC and applies 5BTC to the current financing service. Then he/she can claim up to a 2BTC financial card.

7.Bibox’s current financing products on in trial operations. Your feedbacks and suggestions would be more than valuable to us. Click to submit


Thanks for your support to Bibox!




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