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Bibox Current Financing Service Agreement
2020-12-30 06:14

Dear Biboxers,

Thank you for choosing Bibox Current Financing Service, please carefully read the Bibox Current Financing Service Agreement before you proceed. Details are as follow:

1.Bibox current financing service is to add value to idle digital assets in the wallet.

2.By confirming the quota put in the current financing, users start obtaining the token interest, with no other operations needed.

3.You can change your quota at any time. No impact on daily operations such as withdrawal, transfer, and transaction.

4.The assets involved in the current financing will be used for leveraged lending and so on. By using the service, you automatically agree that Bibox distributes interest earned according to the rules.

5.Bibox reserves the right to suspend or terminate the current financing service and can suspend or terminate it at any time if necessary.

6.Bibox will do its best to ensure, but does not promise, the stability and effectiveness of the current service execution system. However, Bibox does not take any responsibility if the final execution result of the service is different from the expected due to network delays, system failures, and other force majeure factors.

7.When using Bibox's current financing services, you should abide by relevant laws and ensure that the source of assets is legal and compliant.

8.Users should be fully aware of the risks of digital asset investment and operate cautiously. Users should recognize that all investment operations conducted on Bibox represents their true investment intentions, and unconditionally accept the potential risks and benefits brought by investment decisions.


Bibox team


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