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【News】Bibox Will Launch The 2nd Round"CunBi Bao"
2020-11-25 07:09

Dear Users:

      "CunBiBao" will be launched on the Bibox at 10:00 (Beijing time) on June 11, 2018. BIX ,BBN,BOE and MTC will the 2nd Round available assets and the available time will end at 23:00 (Beijing time) June 12, 2018.


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The rules are as follows:

1.The available amounts (lockup amount) of each token will be calculated according to the "agreed amount of circulating supply" 
2.The minimum lockup interest (annualized returns) will no less than 9%
3.Lock position period (lockup time): 7/14/90 days, etc.
4.Available time: See event page for details
5.Interest date(time to calculate interest): See event page for details
6.Expiry date(time to unlock and pay interest): See event page for details
7. Payment of interest and principal (time to distribute principal and interest to Bibox account): 1 day after the expiry date
8.Maximum amount  (Maximum amount , participation times won't be restricted): See event page for details
9.Minimum amount  (Minimum amount , participation times won't be restricted):See event page for details


What is CunBiBao?

CunBiBao is a financial product based on digital asset with each project has its own lock position period and interest. The user can invest the project at his will and the project will be locked after investment. The interest will be calculated according to the agreed time and distributed with the principal back to the original account when the project ended.

How to participate?

Log into Bibox and click on "CunBiBao". Select the project you want to invest and click the button to make you investment.

How to calculate the revenue?

The start and end time of the project is fixed, and you revenue will be calculated in accordance with that period. The interest date of each project can be viewed in the page.


How can I get the interest ?

The principal and interest will be returned to your account within one working day after the unlocking.The detailed records can be viewed in your account


Is the lockup plan can be unlocked in advance?

The CunBiBao does not support advance unlocking, the locked project will be unlocked after the lockup time with the payment of interest.


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*Bibox reserves the final right of the interpretation and the right to adjust the voting rules.*


Thank you all for supporting Bibox!



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