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Bibox Exchange API Instructions
2021-01-20 11:45

Bibox provides a new set of API for users, to help them access Bibox trading system quickly, implementing programmed transaction.


API allows the following functions:

  • View the market information (K line, depth, real-time dealing ticker, 24h market)
  • View the account asset information
  • Order, cancel
  • View order information


REST API Introduction

  • API Url
  • API Signature
  • API Request and Response Format


Restful API contract trading: COIN Swap / USDT Swap

  • View Kline
  • contract account information
  • check single information of contract position
  • Check all information of contract position
  • Check uncompleted contract orders
  • make contract order
  • make bulk contract orders
  • cancel contract order
  • cancel multiple orders
  • cancel 1000 orders
  • adjust contract leverage
  • adjust contract margin
  • transfer funds from master account to contract account
  • check transaction records in the market
  • check uncompleted orders through order id
  • check personal transaction record
  • query order detail
  • query contract value (apikey not required)
  • query contract leverage info (apikey not required)
  • query contract open limit once (apikey)


Restful API Spot trading

  • Market Quotation(apikey is not necessary)
    • Network testing
    • View trading pair
    • View Kline
    • View the market quotation of all tokens
    • View market quotation of a single token
    • View the depth of the market
    • View trading record history
    • View the market ticker
    • The trade parameter specification
  • Users Asset Information (needs apikey)
    • Spot account asset
    • Deposit
    • Withdraw
    • Deposit history list
    • Withdraw history list
    • Query token config
    • Withdrawal information
  • Transaction(Needs apikey)
    • place an order
    • cancel an order
    • The current order list
    • The order history
    • The order history detail
    • The order
    • The dealed order history


Restful API Transfer Assets

  • Query assets(apikey)
    • Main assets
    • Spot Assets
    • Contract Assets
    • Credit Assets
  • Main Assets And Spot Assets(needs apikey)
    • Main assets transfer to spot assets
  • Main Assets Transfer to Credit Assets(needs apikey)
    • Main assets to credit assets
    • Credit assets transfer to main assets
  • Main Assets Transfer to Contract Assets(need apikey)
    • Main Assets Transfer to Contract


Restful API Credit Trading

  • GetLendOrder lendOrder/get
  • GetBorrowOrder borrowOrder/get
  • BorrowOrder borrowOrder/book
  • BorrowOrderCancel borrowOrder/cancel
  • Refund borrowOrder/refund
  • GetLendBook lendOrderbook/get
  • PublishLendBook lendOrderbook/publish
  • CancelLendBook lendOrderbook/cancel
  • GetBorrowDepth borrowDepth/get
  • Trade trade/trade
  • Cancel trade/cancel
  • GetLendAsset transferAssets/lendAssets
  • GetBorrowAssets transferAssets/borrowAssets


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